GREAT summary of a lecture by Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last:


fav monster_m4I laughed out loud several times, and started a conversation on how to make a story last 10.000 years.  Neil Gaiman is simply so thought provoking – wheee!

Full 2+ hour lecture available here:


This about books – yesssss:

Books are related to a love of words – but are not limited to it. A Venn diagram, in fact – the value of words separate from books and of books separate from words. The love of talking-sharing stories with one another. The love of touching, smelling, and feeling bound storage containers of ideas.


From the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, by William Joyce

There is a restfulness – a relaxation in being surrounded by a timeline of bound paper (libraries, archives, others’ collections). There is a feeling of connection to all the authors…and all the readers of these books through time. A feeling that here, you can find soul mates.

And yet there is a wonder, a joy in being connected to a worldwide collection of stories and information in your pocket. Of being able to read in the dark with one hand and a thumb while rocking and waiting for your child to (finally) get to sleep.

I’ve passed this love on to my daughter, I know.  Because she too has said, “Books are my friends,’ and “You can always use more books!” and “Mom, can you/we/I read this?”  She too loves libraries and bookstores.  And reads electronic texts with exciting scalable images and interactive elements.

But what we love best is the sharing of a text – the turning of a page, the discovery of what’s next.  The wonder of print and paper.

Books. Yes.

semicolonGreat article from Academe Today:

Life-Saving Punctuation

Please pass the word:
On April 16, 2014, everyone who self-harms, is suicidal, depressed, has anxiety, is unhappy, going through a broken heart, just lost a loved one, etc., draw a semicolon on your wrist. A semicolon represents a sentence the author could’ve ended, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”

For more info: http://projectsemicolon.org/index

I describe myself as a vegetarian. Lacto-ovo-pesco when I wish to be specific.

This does NOT mean I eat only vegetables. This does NOT mean I eat only healthy/organic foods. This does NOT mean I am a rabid PETA member and nauseate at the sight of meat.  In truth, I am best described as a junk-food vegetarian.

Just to clarify, here I are some handy definitions:

  • Vegetarian  – eats a limited amount of animal products (meat)
  • Lacto-vegetarians – eat milk/dairy products only
  • Ovo-vegetarians – eat eggs only
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians – eat milk/dairy products and/or eggs
  • Pesco vegetarians  –  eat fish or seafood but avoid all other meat
  • Lacto-ovo-pesco-vegetarians – eat milk/dairy products and/or eggs,  fish or seafood.*
  • Semi-vegetarians  – no red meat
  • Dietary vegans  – do not eat any animal product or animal derivative but may use animals in other commodities.
  • Ethical vegans –  refuse to use any animal product including dairy products, eggs, honey, wool, leather, cosmetics and in some cases avoid medical procedures that involve animal testing.
  • Fruitarian – eats ONLY – fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (and oils) – that would fall naturally from a plant; that is: foods that can be harvested without killing or harming the plant (this may or may not include grains).
  • Raw foodism – eats only uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods or wild foods. Typically added to veganism and frutarianism.

carbovoreNote also:

  • Pogie-monster will eat, in large quantities, at any time, candy/treats/sweets…even yours.*
  • Carbovore – will eat, in large quantities, at any time, bread, potatoes, rice, corn, etc. (fresh or processed)…preferably with salt and butter.*

* these are me, although I am really limited on pesco – generic fish sticks and crustaceans mostly.

Cow licks explained visually

My daughter has a ‘cow lick’ – right in front, off to the left. It regularly pokes out of her bangs and has to be wrestled into some level of submission with a wet comb and lots of pats.

When I saw this, I immediately shared it with her – and now the two of us giggle every time we fight “the hair the cow licked in the night.”


I’m counting steps on a daily basis now…and some days just don’t match the pedometer count AT ALL…

I love “A Softer World”  ….

Thanks Zig!


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